Week 4: Sub-par Jams

The game that I am going to create is about social etiquette on the Hong Kong MTR(Hong Kong Metro). Growing up in Hong Kong and being a socially awkward person I found myself being unable to utter basic Cantonese words for fear of sounding like a gweilo. I essentially learned to anticipate where individuals were going, try to stay balanced to avoid fall down onto other people, as well as stay focused enough on where I was going to get out.

Major Features: bumping into people and losing self-worth, balancing while subway is moving, color changing to indicate where where each person gonna go off.

3D Models: Humanoid figures, hand rails, seating, maybe some sort of player object they holding????


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try to be more literal with the verbs you want to have and how it actually translates to interactions in your game, sounds cool though